Monarch Butterfly

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Kremp Florist

Associated Press (Feds Will Spend $4M In Ten States, Including Illinois And Indiana, To Boost Butterfly Population)>

Agrinews (How can you help butterflies?)

Agrinews (Purdue students develop pollinator garden designs)

ScienceNews (Just adding pollinators could boost small-farm yields)

Agrinews (Pollinators need your help)

The Atlantic (The butterflies’ great migration)

NPR (A Hardier Honeybee That Fights Back By Biting Back)

National Geographic (9 Ways You Can Help Bees and Other Pollinators At Home)

The Allegheny Front (Building a Better Honeybee)

NPR (Don't Worry, Honey, The Other Bees Have Your Back)

(Utica Observer Dispatch) In the Garden: Attracting pollinators to gardens

Harvard University (Human-wrought environmental changes impacting crops and pollinators could harm health of millions)

Nature World Report [(WATCH WHY) Fewer ‘Monarch’ butterflies migrating to Mexico]

Pinterest (Whole Foods shows customers what stores would look like without pollinators)

Washington Post (The monarch massacre: Nearly a billion butterflies have vanished)

Fast Company & Inc. (This is what a salad bar would look like without bees [Hint: Not much salad]) (Orchids' lips evolved to lure pollinators)

Indiana Public Media (Indiana organization plans to protect pollinators)

New York Times (What’s the buzz about wild bees?)

Scientific American (Monarch butterflies could gain endangered species protection)

Washington Post (The monarch massacre: Nearly a billion butterflies have vanished)

Kokomo Tribune (State gets busy Saving Bees)

Edmonton Journal (‘Bee hotels’ give solitary pollinators rooms of their own)

Penn State Brandywine (Penn State Brandywine is the 'bee's knees' of pollinator habitats)

Baltimore Sun (Amid concerns for their health, bees find a powerful buffet in an unlikely urban oasis)

CBS News (Ten-year-old’s Lemonade Business Inspired by Bees)

Harvard Study Reveals Our Future Is at Risk, Because We're Killing off an Unexpected Species

Time magazine’s “The Plight of the Honeybee” (Bumblebee genomes give insights into threats to pollinators)

The New York (Barbara Kingsolver, Barack Obama, and the Monarch Butterfly)

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U.S. Department of Agriculture/Natural Resources Conservation Service (Pollinator conservation documents on a variety of topics)

National Wildlife Federation (Night Friends: Bats of the Americas)

Purdue Extension Cooperative Extension Service (Pollination of fruits, nuts)

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USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (How farmers can help pollinators)

Yale University (Farmers can help bring back pollinators)

Organic Farming Research Organization (Managing Farm Habitat for Wild Pollinators)

Pollinator Partnership (Resources for Farmers, Ranchers, Agriculture)

Operation Pollinator (Tools and info for golf course managers to manage native plants/wildflowers)

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