Photo Contest Winners


Rebecca Franklin took home the blue ribbon for her photo of a butterfly feasting on a native plant during the Grow the Solution Together Photo Contest award reception in the Art Gallery at the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library. “We had a lot of great entries,” said Lisa Fipps, Director of Marketing and Community Engagement. “Participants definitely didn’t make the judges’ job easy. Rebecca’s photo was selected as the winner because it captured what the contest was all about: the importance of native plants for pollinators’ survival. The photo was sharp, eye-catching, and well composed. KHCPL displayed the contestants’ photos in the Art Gallery for a month. There wasn’t a day when I didn’t see someone staring at the entries and commenting on them.”

photo winners

Grow the Solution Together is the library's year-long effort to expand awareness about the need for us to increase the number of native plants to be the food source for pollinators, including bees, butterflies, and birds. Because the creatures pollinate crops, pollinators are essential for human survival. In fact, they are responsible for one out of every three bites of food you eat. Funding for the project is made possible by the Community Foundation of Howard County. Rebecca’s photo will be featured on a KHCPL postcard. She also received a blue ribbon, book, and a butterfly feeder. Gwendolyn Parker took home the red ribbon for her photo of a butterfly flittering around cosmos on a sunny, clear blue sky day. She received a book as well. Diana Turner receive a yellow ribbon for her entry, which highlighted flowers and a butterfly hovering over them at Boulevard Elementary. The school has its own project to help pollinators. She received a butterfly necklace. Runners-up were Jack Brady, Mary Vande Lune, Pat Tracewell, Kema Deck, and Western Intermediate School. They received ribbons and prizes, too.